Frozen peas by boxplayer

Frozen peas

All I remembered to take a picture of today - frozen peas with our smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. We normally have spinach - but the bag Sainsbury's had put in the Click and Collect last week had been almost past its best before it got to us.

Didn't really have much time for lunch, as decided to try the Zoom choir practice - this proved quite difficult - will need to do a bit of self-learning..

Terrible day at work, having to induct a new intern solely via the medium of Skype. A first and not particularly easy. Found out that her account had been disabled as she hadn't logged in enough and had to put a call into IT to try and get it re-enabled. Hadn't been sorted by the end of the day. Plus had to deal with an urgent request to update content.

The tenant also messaged to say the front door lock had got stuck and she hadn't been able to get out - a local friend of hers luckily had a spare key and managed to get it moving. Told her to try WD40 on it as it had been getting stiff - we'd then see if we needed to get anyone out to look at it.
So a bit of lockdown easing from today - you can now meet 5 other people outside as long as you keep 2 metres apart - even in each other's gardens. Demonstrations in America following, what looks very much like the murder of George Floyd by police officers,

End of series 4 of Line of Duty tonight.

1 June 2020
Walthamstow E17
That's a cute spatula
June 8th, 2020  
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