Stealing the mealworms by boxplayer

Stealing the mealworms

I thought I'd put some of the mealworms on the table and get a different view of the starlings and sparrows. But before they could get there, foxy moved in.

Decided not to walk today even though it was a niceish day. Having spent a ridiculout amount of time looking for a receipt on Wednesday, I'd decided to spend a day sorting out the filing. I'd checked my files and I've not filed anything since 2014. And a huge pile of papers and assorted stuff has been perilously perched by the side of my bed for far too long.

Sorted everything into piles (for filing in the right folder later), threw out an awful lot and even found some of Dave's filing. At some point, I also walked to Tesco Express and got the rest of mum's shopping in.

Bit of drama in the garden. Two teenage yobbo starlings had been having a massive set-to at the window feeder. They'd moved their fight to the tree house feeder and were mid-air mid-fight when suddenly a huge cat lurking underneath the tree feeder in the bushy flowers leapt up as quick as lightning and grabbed one in its mouth. It had obviously sussed out the regular bird activity and had been lying in wait.

Saw one starling flew off but as the cat quickly sped off, I could see the other one in its mouth. Before I knew it, there was a bit of a fluttering flurry by the shed and luckily the starling managed to escape - cue one miffed cat who got roundly chased out of the garden by Dave and I

Cooked up a sea bass and multiveg traybake - potatoes, olives and all sorts - another one from the Catalan Cuisine book. Then watched the Zoom concert with Andy Cutting and Anne Niepold - very talented couple of box players. Then finished off the first series of Mum.

20 June 2020
Walthamstow E17
You must think I’m completely thick but it’s just dawned on me why you are ‘boxplayer’ never clicked until I read the above! After all this time & even meeting you!!
Fascinated by your fox & a very lucky starling!
June 27th, 2020  
I haven't met you but I also didn't know why you call yourself boxplayer until today, and I never thought to ask. I enjoyed your narrative and glad the starling got away
June 28th, 2020  
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