Curved steps by boxplayer

Curved steps

At these art deco flats.

Sun in and out today - lovely and warm when it was out - a bit cool and breezy when it was not. Up early to cook a big minestrone from the Moosewood Cookbook which I'd finally unearthed. Disinfected mum's shopping.

We were due there at 1.30 to have a drink in the communal gardens. A chance for a proper meet-up - gathered chairs, plastic glasses, a bottle of wine. But timing was all scuppered when I saw on my phone that they'd declared the Reading stabbing attack as a terrorist incident.

Alerted work on WhatsApp and checked in with duty person to make sure they knew what to do - logged in briefly as well to check on things. So ended up being late. Took her shopping upstairs then we all trooped down to sit in the gardens and drink wine - a good distance apart. Entertainingly we'd worn almost the same Marimekko tops.

Nice couple of hours in the warmish afternoon sun underneath a tree. I was able to finally check out where the overflow car park is too.

Later at home, watched Skyfall - excellent film with great scenes shot around MI6 in Vauxhall and Westminster. Made me a bit worksick (as opposed to homesick) - I miss being in. Bit of minestrone and tarama as a snack supper. Dave put a bread on and it came out really weird - unmixed and rather doughy - he'd tried to use up the gluten flour - not a great deal. Was a bit worried bread machine was on the blink.

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21 June 2020
Highgate N6
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