Jigsaw session by boxplayer

Jigsaw session

Jigsaw in progress.

Absolutely exhausted after yesterday's terrible day and sleeping fitfully. Woke early then was back to sleep until 9.Popped out to get the Tesco top-up shop - first time wearing a mask for shopping. Had used one of those throwaway ones yesterday, but used a different one - better structured and didn't suck into my mouth when I breathed in.

Back for a brunch of veggie bacon and odd rye bread in the garden. Made a big rhubarb, apple and blackberry crumble (from the cheap blackberries found in Tesco and using up the horrid green apples Dave's being given for lunch).

We had a big music playing session learning Valse des Pastourielles - and a jigsaw session - starting to make inroads finally. A good afternoon for it as there were lots of squally showers throughout the afternoon. Supper of Dave's leftover soup he'd forgotten to take in to work yesterday with some baked sweet potatoes with more Life on Mars series 2.

25 July 2020
Walthamstow E17

That's coming along nicely. We are into our second wave, I'm dreading having to wear a mask and having my glasses fogging up every few seconds
July 29th, 2020  
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