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My favourite thing - reading in the garden.

Nice sunny day today. Bagels for breakfast and I put a bread on. Walked to the William Morris Gallery shop to buy some of their lovely Morris & Co plant pots for L and P's joint birthday present.

Got the bus back as the two pots were quite heavy. As I was waiting at the bus stop, witnessed a bit of an altercation between a cyclist and a motorist. Didn't see how it began, but looks like the cyclist was slightly hurt by the guy in the car turning into the road and cutting into him. Was cyclist's right of way.

Set Dave up on Zoom for his first online guitar class. Was all going well - the bluetooth speaker was working, we'd clicked on the link to the meeting, got the password and got into the waiting room. But when he tried join the breakout room, the laptop did a major crash. It took a good 5 mins and a lot of anxious swearing before it would restart properly.

Eventually he was in, and they'd only just started thank goodness. He found it quite hard going and then for some reason the music score wouldn't download. While he was at it, I prepared a salad lunch and we sat outside with it once he'd finished.

Then was my melodeon class with Will Allen - learning the Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance tune - not too bad but understandably a bit of a learning curve over Zoom - how to get the laptop positioned so the tutor could see our faces and hands - how to pick up the tunes when he couldn't see or hear how we were getting on.

Practised a bit after and prepared salmon and baked potatoes with sweetcorn. Watched World War Z which I'd recorded months ago around Christmas time. As scary as I remember - a good film.

The Keen sandals I'd ordered in the sale arrived - irritatingly they're much smaller than they used to be - had ordered the same size we currently have but they're a good half size smaller. And a thermometer from Boots arrived - that'll be handy for the second wave.

Terence Conran, founder of Habitat, died.

12 September 2020
Walthamstow E17
Looks perfect and nice composition.
September 19th, 2020  
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