Finished the jigsaw by boxplayer

Finished the jigsaw

Finally. After, I'm not exaggerating, several years of having it half done in the spare room. Spurred on by the thought of children coming round who might accidentally topple it over and us so close to having finished it.

Dave spent the whole day over the road at P and P's - along with R and J - they all put beanies on to make them look like really manly shed-type men. That's because they were all there to help P put up his shed.

Because of the rule of 6, Polly had to come round with her two little ones and hang out with me. Delightful children if very active and all over the place. We looked at the foxes, drank tea, ate cheese sandwiches with the very nice rye and white bread I'd just made, drank gin (adults obvs), chatted. At one point, very little C had a bit of a wee on the floor - and also managed to drool all over Bessie the Buck House corgi - that went straight into quarantine.

Entertainingly Polly had to nip back quickly to let P back into the house - somehow they have a back door that locks them out. Eventually Polly had to take them back as they needed their beauty sleep even though the men hadn't finished. Looks like it was a bit of a 'mare - 30 pages of instructions and 100s of individual pieces. The roof still needs going on.

Salmon bagels for supper with the Bourne Ultimatum and a very tired Dave.

Jigsaw in its full glory

11 October 2020
Walthamstow E17
What an achievement and a super picture. I bet it was difficult with all those browns - at least you still have all the pieces!
October 14th, 2020  
That jigsaw does not look easy with those tones. I’ve got one on the go and it’s also been going for about 5 years.
October 15th, 2020  
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