No cycling by boxplayer

No cycling

By order of the Queen - or the Royal Parks at any rate. But of course the odd person still does. On my walk through Green Park into the office.

A restless night - woke up with lots of stuff racing around my brain as you often do. Mainly work - so got up and sat in the dark in the spare room, jotting thoughts down into my tablet then emailing it to myself at work - fell asleep not long after that.

Not as cold today - I'd unearthed my autumn coat but ended up getting a bit sweaty in it as I walked through the parks. Tube quite busy but still nothing like normal. Absolutely no one in the office - most people are staying away while we're in proper lockdown. I'd only come in to get my new laptop - the old one being on its last legs.

Had a quick catch-up working out what to prioritise with Cara before my laptop appointment. She warned me to insist they set it up for me as they had just dumped hers on her to do it herself.

But never fear - a very nice man took me through most things I needed to do. A Microsoft Surface Pro I think it is - and so razor thin that it has barely any ports and you have to carry around an 'expander' or something that weighs as much as 20 laptops. Ridiculous. You plug your power into it and it has USB ports and other useful holes.

However what it doesn't have is a VGA port and they don't give you a VGA adaptor. Great stuff - as that's what all the monitors in the office have. So I couldn't plug it into one. Bit of a struggle with my OAP eyes. I fannied about with more settings for a while and tried to work out how to procure an adaptor. Of course the new procurement system guidance was rubbish and I couldn't access the help sheets we'd been sent recently as my filed emails hadn't loaded onto the lap yet.

Grabbed a veggie burger and fries from Leon but decided to go home after that where I knew I would be able to plug the thing into my monitor. More fannying once I was home trying to plug bits in where they were supposed to be. A mild panic when I thought the laptop wasn't going to talk to the monitor even though I'd plugged in the right cable. Oh of course I needed to plug the 'expander' thing into the mains.

All more or less sorted in the end, but I did work till gone 7.30 clearing all the emails that had built up. Dave brought me up some snacks and they were so substantial that we ended up just having a bit of toast for supper.

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24 November 2020
Walthamstow E17
Looks like a great place to ride a bike, I think I would
November 26th, 2020  
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