The Deal by boxplayer

The Deal

... is done. For what it's worth. How to make lots of people grateful for something that's a crock of shit - string it out to the last minute.

Not a good day - last day at work and I was the only senior team member in along with our 2 newest members of staff and the 2 contractors. I knew I'd have to wheel into action if the deal was announced - so spent the morning in a state of near panic as wasn't sure I understood exactly what I needed to do - hoping it wouldn't happen till much later.

Disappeared for a quickie lunch while I could. And in the end after a lot of internet chatter about negotiations going on for hours - it came at 3. So spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get the thing we needed to publish over the line before close of play. Otherwise my colleague on duty on Monday would need to work to finish it. Ros helped via WhatsApp even though she was off. In the end though as GDS were still being picky, I had to give up and leave it for my duty colleague on Monday. It took me a good 45 more mins to clear up emails and hand over after that - didn't log off till 6.30.

Much more pleasantly, Dave had a half day and left work at 12.30. After I'd managed to escape work, we had a bit of mulled wine with the neighbours outside - freezing - but nice to do something a bit festive. The guys across the road also came and stood in the street too - not quite legit but nobody was near anybody else.

Once inside, heard from Ros that GDS had published the stuff after all - so no need for my duty colleague to work on Monday.

Had a Christmas Eve fishy smorgasbord - odd not to have my mum there but she'd decided to minimise her stay with us just in case. Watched the rest of Lethal White.

Mulled wine with neighbours

24 December 2020
Walthamstow E17
Trying to work out what GDS stands’s probably something easy I can’t think of....
December 29th, 2020  
@happypat No you wouldn't know! Stands for Government Digital Service - we work closely with them to publish government information.
December 29th, 2020  
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