Remnants of Christmas by boxplayer

Remnants of Christmas

Left on a street tree - nice idea to decorate street trees.

Dave off today, so nice that alarm didn't go off at 6 after a bit of a restless windy night - oh those Jerusalem artichokes - fnar.

Accompanied Dave on his jog to the park leaving him to run back while I carried on to the Veg Hut to refill the handwash and pick up some spinach. Did a loop up Forest Road back down to Wood Street and on to the village.

Bought some interesting looking cheese - labelled Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese - aha that sounds like something that can't be called halloumi, but is very like. Also some goodies - planning a kind of hamper for my mum's birthday.

Got home and we spent a good hour packing away the Christmas decorations and stowing them in the loft. Brunch - we tried frying up the squeaky cheese to have with toast and salad. It was extremely delicious - and a great story. The company was founded by a Syrian woman who came here after the war there and the recipe is based on Syrian cheese.

Time to relax in front of the box after - an episode of Heroes and The Devil Wears Prada. Dave cooking up a Jamie recipe - a quick fish pie with smoked haddock and filo pastry. Watched 80s classic Twins.

Postscript: in disgraceful scenes, Trump supporters AKA terrorists stormed the Capitol having been geed up (not that they need much geeing up) by the President.

Moving day

6 January 2021
Walthamstow E17

Street/garden Christmas decor has been a real highlight this year & loads of advent windows too. Excellent neighbourhood effort. I’ve dished outa few Migrateful vouchers this year - hoping the recipients will learn some cooking skills from their refugee/migrant experts & then feed me.
January 6th, 2021  
Your cheese sounds delicious & you helped a local business so all good! Love the blues here in the street!
January 6th, 2021  
I like the sound of the fish pie - will have to look it up. A few people have put baubles on the bushes etc growing up the fronts of their houses in our village this year. They look really lovely.
January 6th, 2021  
I really like this shot. My grandson put baubles on various trees near his house, they looked great.

I’m not really surprised about what went on in the US today however I am disgusted
January 7th, 2021  
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