Sacred geometry by boxplayer

Sacred geometry

A commission for a gate near the mosque - a combination of Islamic geometry with William Morris-esque designs by ATMA.

Feeling quite down again this morning - I had a few days ago thought that perhaps we should book a self-catering place to go to with my mum - finally to get a break. But then my mum, after initially sounding keen, had said 'is it safe' and of course I then thought how do you know how well these places clean up after visitors. So have gone off the idea. I hate this way of living. Mustn't grumble - first world middle-class problems and all that.

Was forecast to rain all day so got out on the bicycle early - hunting out this lovely mural and also picking up some top-up shopping. Visited the organic stall for the first time in ages and picked up mushrooms. And up to the village Spar for more odds and ends and some bits for Dave's birthday.

More flat admin - gathering up all the safety certificates to email to the tenants and a melodeon class. Dave and I had some tea and chocolates after and viewed photos from our Scandinavia trip 10 years ago.

Simple supper planned of baked potatoes - still cold so that feels right.

10 April 2021
Walthamstow E17
Sounds like good news on letting the flat. We went to a cottage in St Ives (Cornwall not Cambs) last year and they’ve basically removed all the nice cushions and things that made it homely so everything could be cleaned. You could have a nice day out in Cambridge and afternoon tea at the Tea Gardens or the spotless University Arms if you feel like spaffing a few quid. Not much transmission from surfaces anyway it seems thank the Lord.
April 10th, 2021  
Thats a really clever design I like it. I think you should go away. Ventilate when you get there and wipe a few surfaces, you'll be fine I'm sure.
April 10th, 2021  
Wonderful capture. I understand both you and your mom's feelings...I'm not sure my mom will ever want to eat out again...right now we are just hoping to be able to visit inside her house (we have visited outside, but I haven't been inside since December 2019) I continue to remind myself to just take small victories...sigh...
April 10th, 2021  
Our daughter & so in law have booked a cottage in Amble in mid May & asked us to go for a couple of nights & all being well we are going! I think you would be OK ....would do you good, something to look forward to! Take your own wipes & rubber gloves just to give that extra security!
Amazing gates ....
April 10th, 2021  
That’s an impressive gate!
I don’t think I’d want to go anywhere yet either, so I can understand your misgivings entirely!
April 10th, 2021  
Very nice gate art
April 11th, 2021  
What a lovely gate
April 11th, 2021  
Fine example of Islamic Art
I came within a whisker of booking a hotel in Bath to visit one of our sons - its just too far for a return day trip. Hopefully, the summer will bring greater confidence
April 12th, 2021  
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