Iris  by boxplayer


The flowers in the garden of Halsway Manor are looking good.

Decided to have extra sleep this morning rather than walk. Dave off today so I could call him at the leisurely hour of 7.45am.

Today's workshops focused on finding repertoire: from books, adapting existing tunes or writing your own. After lunch (quiche where I took umbrage because the meat eaters had quiche and meat, but we only had quiche) we were sent off for an hour and a half to work on finding / making up a tune individually.

I found a spot behind the mews and played around with tunebooks, but spent most of the time trying to make something up. Not all that successfully, the time signature was hard to keep to (5/4), and I was too shy to demonstrate it at the showcase, despite almost everyone else doing so.

Found a quiet corner after to try and iron out some of the issues with the tunes we've been playing in the sessions, nipping into the little hut when it started spitting.

Supper of roast with slightly over/under done veg and another bottle of red wine. And another session. Till 11.30ish. As I left to return to the bedroom, I could see it had been raining. A much milder night with the cloud cover. Threw off the blanket some time in the night.

Session time

9 June 2021
Crowcombe, Somerset
Lovely colours and sunlight.
June 10th, 2021  
June 10th, 2021  
Sounds very interesting and completely beyond my skill set (no workshop could solve it!) Not sure why anybody would want meat AND quiche - meat and quiche are an either or situation!
June 10th, 2021  
That's a beautiful iris
June 11th, 2021  
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