Spot the sheep  by boxplayer

Spot the sheep

Nestling on the tree root embankment. Managed to get all the way to the top this morning. Up past this atmospheric tree bank through the gorse and heather to the crossing path at the top. Weather mild but overcast, and as I climbed I could see banks of low cloud and mist covering sections of the surrounding countryside. Nothing up at the top other than sheep, birds and probably a lot of ticks.

An entertaining moment when I got back - I picked up what I thought was a bead from the bathroom floor. Brown and perfectly spherical, I was thinking it was some kind of African bead with its markings and ridges - how I screamed with shock when it started to uncurl and several little legs started wriggling from it. It was a woodlouse.

A day of putting stuff into practice in small bands. Leveret gave us a session on how the dissect things and work with their no-arrangements approach before we went off and had a go. The previous night a few of us, me, Anna, Andy the guitarist and Jo the fiddler decided we'd try and be a band together so a bit of a cheat. But I certainly felt I needed more of a comfort blanket by being with people I knew and who had a similar repertoire.

Spent a good 2 to 3 hours before and after lunch playing through our chosen tunes, Mount Hills and Waiting for the Rain, trying to listen and work off each other. Massively hard and massively hard work. Especially keeping to time. At one point there was a heavy shower and we were no longer 'waiting for the rain'. Quite funny was the chorus of sheep that accompanied us throughout the day, apparently it was shearing day.

Lunch of jackets and a cream tea later before our showcases, each band sat in the middle of the room, in the round. Incredibly stressful but I managed to hold it together more than I usually do which was good. And having such a splendid musician as Anna with us certainly helped.

Flaked out on the room for a bit after, before supper of vegetable tart and fresh strawberries. And a final evening with an informal concert from Leveret. Gorgeous. A few tunes in the session after until about midnight.


10 June 2021
Crowcombe, Somerset
A good day then … will all be out if practice so I imagine everyone is feeling a bit if pressure!
June 11th, 2021  
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