Lavender by boxplayer


Lots of bee-friendly plants in the park when I went over again after work to read. Still hot.

Dave a bit heat exhausted and generally tired when I got in - so lucky I had brought back Magnums which we ate sitting in the arbour. Exotic mushrooms and toast for supper. And more melodeon practice. Can I keep this up?

Some baby bird drama later. Richard across the way messaged to say can we go help him save a baby bird that had got stuck up his drainpipe. We found him out there dismantling the pipe trying to get to it - we could hear it cheeping.

We gave up eventually but Richard persevered and ended up flushing it out with some water. It was very small but feathered and looked like it could flutter a bit. But very vulnerable just out by his front door and we weren't sure if it was hurt or not.

Dave got a shoe box and we brought it into our house. Will see how it does - and maybe try and put it back in the morning.

15 June 2021
Walthamstow E17
Can almost smell the scent from here. Lovely.
June 16th, 2021  
Lovely perspective!
June 16th, 2021  
Such a lovely colour, hope that little bird will be ok
June 17th, 2021  
Beautiful light and colours 💜
June 20th, 2021  
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