Homemade tiramisu by boxplayer

Homemade tiramisu

Anna tried her hand at some homemade tiramisu much to Dave's pleasure.

A weekend away - what larks. The first time we've met up with Anna, Sophie, P and L since new year 19/20. No children as that would have breached the 'rule of 6 indoors'. We had a lot of presents to exchange and did a bit of that all through the weekend to spread it out.

After I'd helped Dave pack the car with our suitcases and bags of presents, logged in briefly at work first thing but finished not long after 10 to go off on the bicycle to pick up a few things. Had an interesting chat with a woman from the Charity of Civil Servants - I'd contacted them on an impulse about my anxiety issues. So she went through the various options I could avail myself of.

Got the train to Turkey Street and met Dave to drive up to Nottingham. A mild panic as we hit traffic quite early on and I was worried we wouldn't hit the services before we ran out of petrol. A lot of traffic - took 3 hours.

Lovely to see everyone and very odd to be inside, standing, and not wearing masks. But we're all vaxxed and relatively careful. Nibbles and champagne to start and talking about the hilarious capture of Matt Han(d)cock in a clinch with his aide. FFS. What a complete arse. When L went for the cherries, I jokingly said: 'Graspy graspy' to describe her actions and that became the catch phrase of the weekend - especially when the video of the incident started circulating ...

A yummy samphire and anchovy pasta for mains with Anna's tiramisu.

Unfortunately though, Dave's face was swelling up a bit - looks like the dentist when investigating his missing cap had done a bit too much poking and it was very irritable - for most of the weekend. He downed painkillers and washed everything out with Listerine regularly.

To bed in Anna's spare room - a little bit of a restless night as always - different bed, fretting about dentists and flat leaks.

You can be you https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2021-06-25

25 June 2021
Beeston, Notts
That looks delicious
July 1st, 2021  
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