Greenbottles doing their thing by boxplayer

Greenbottles doing their thing

On the lavender.

A muggy day to start and after breakfast outside I cycled to have a look at the craft fair again. Not that good - and decided to recommend my mum didn't come especially as the weather was looking bad for later. Picked up some hyssop and basil in the farmer's market and stopped off to water Hilary's (indoor) plants.

A quiet afternoon, making some veggie panzanella gazpacho from a Jamie book. That was until the promised amber weather warning thunderstorms arrived. It bucketed down for hours and the leak in the bathroom went crazy - dripping everywhere and coming through to the kitchen.

Towels down and Dave poked the hole to make it bigger so now it's pouring through even heavier (but in only one place now). Need the builders in for sure now - can't go on with this. Just waiting for the tenants to contact to say their leak has started up again ...

Red hot poker

25 July 2021
Walthamstow E17
great picture!
July 25th, 2021  
Colorful capture!
July 25th, 2021  
Great detail
July 25th, 2021  
Well they picked a sweet smelling bed! I hope that blooming roof is behaving still!
July 25th, 2021  
Great detail!
July 25th, 2021  
@happypat well I won't be surprised if it isn't. I've never seen such rain in all my born days. Serious flooding here in Walthamstow, luckily not in our street.
July 25th, 2021  
Wow, amazing detail in this shot!
July 26th, 2021  
Great close up shot of fly action!
July 26th, 2021  
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