Thick frost  by boxplayer

Thick frost

No snow for us but a very thick frost. Dave was scraping the car a good while before setting off for work. I snuggled up next to the radiator which stayed blazing hot most of the day. Beautifully sunny again - perfect for the photographer taking pics of R and C's house in prep for their open house.

Felt low level anxious most of the day. Not helped by the hospital finally tracking me down to try and arrange this 24 hour blood pressure thing. Only problem is I have to be in to have it fitted, then in the next day to have it collected. Not easy to schedule with my in and out of the office times.

Cycled to dance fitness for a good session, though she stuck in some horrid abs work at the end. Smoked salmon and scrambled egg supper and catching up with Sunday's Doctor Who. It's losing viewers terribly. No wonder - the story just had too much going on, can't keep up with it.

Contacted another plumber for a quote. Landlord's guy hadn't come back yet, so only have one.

29 November 2021
Walthamstow E17
I always like looking in your garden…winter light here & still no Foxy?
November 29th, 2021  
The frost looks like snow !
November 29th, 2021  
@happypat no sign of two of them 🙁The smelly one that wees everywhere is around occasionally.
November 30th, 2021  
@boxplayer Ungrateful beasts! 🤣
November 30th, 2021  
It still looks very cold!
November 30th, 2021  
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