Gold hat by boxplayer

Gold hat

At the Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum. Circa 1600 BC from Germany, probably served as ceremonial headgear. Sort of Gandalf does bling.

After last night's delicious supper including the market mushrooms, felt decidedly odd as my stomach became over-active. Nothing too serious, but led to a restless night. On waking just before the alarm at 7, decided to have a piece of toast immediately just to test if things were ok. Felt not quite 100% all day but again nothing serious.

Met Sharon and Fran at Holborn and walked to the British Museum, spotting a guy - no joke - in full wizard get-up, robes, pointy hat and staff. He was at the museum too and we thought he must be going to the Stonehenge exhibition also, but then we never saw him again.

Exhibition was great and not all that crowded oddly. Context was the amazing monument that is Stonehenge, but there were exhibits from all over other parts of Europe - beautiful flint work, carved stones, golden jewellery. There was the perfectly preserved elm leaf that fell 6000 years ago and a wooden walkway constructed to let people in the fens cross the waterlogged land. The solid oak posts that made up Seahenge discovered in Norfolk in 1998 was also on display.

Lunch in the Great Court restaurant as a birthday present for Sharon and Fran - we'd had a lovely meal there when we visited earlier. Food was good if not quite as special. And the service really lacked a sense of urgency.

Home to catch the late afternoon sun in the garden - new neighbours still celebrating next door. Light supper of hot cross buns and watched Sherlock as Dave fancied rewatching it.

Russia's Victory Day tomorrow - everyone hoping Putin doesn't use it to escalate things.

3 good things
1. Bought a couple of nice bookmarks from the exhibition including one of the Nebra sky disc, one of the exhibits from 1600BC, the oldest known depiction of cosmic phenomena in the world.
2. Bottle of Kew gin from Fran for my birthday.
3. The sweet smell of jasmine in the arbour when sitting out in the garden.

Prosecco in the Great Court restaurant

8 May 2022
Bloomsbury WC1
Very interesting
May 9th, 2022  
Very interesting head gear. I could not imagine wearing something like that. It sounds like a fascinating exhibition.
May 9th, 2022  
Fascinating hat.
May 9th, 2022  
Such an amazing looking hat
May 9th, 2022  
Great way to spend a day.
Very interesting read
May 9th, 2022  
Sounds interesting
May 9th, 2022  
Very gandalphesque!
Putin - the west are to blame! No surprise there then!
May 9th, 2022  
@carole_sandford I know, I'd 😂 laugh if it wasn't so horrific.
May 9th, 2022  
must be heavy , it shines beautifully
May 9th, 2022  
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