Last ones at the session  by boxplayer

Last ones at the session

A few people played gone midnight tonight.

Slept ok in the Premier Inn other than waking too early at 4.30. Dave had unnerved me the previous night saying he had a sore throat.

Took a test at 6.30 and it was all clear - phoned Dave and so was he, so all good. Walked to the bus stop in the beautiful still sunny morning to get the bus to the venue for the music week and breakfast.

A day of workshops - a morning with the band dissecting how they work, then practising playing in two small groups. Lunch in the hot sunshine (had forgotten sunglasses which was mildly irksome).

Afternoon workshop focused on repertoire and I halfheartedly had a go at playing the Lily from the tune book I'd picked up, before going upstairs for a nap. Drinks in the sunshine before nut roast supper.

Session after, initially not all that good with loud box and whistle but as usual things improved as people left for bed.

3 good things
1. Hearing tawny owlets squeaking for their parents outside.
2. Hearing and playing with lovely musicians.
3. No longer having to isolate from Dave. Good thing as we've got the smallest bedroom possible in the attic.

Lichen and ivy

22 June 2022
Crowcombe, Somerset
Both look so serious.
June 23rd, 2022  
Nice composition and natural light.
June 23rd, 2022  
I love the surroundings!
June 23rd, 2022  
Love hearing of your music making.
June 23rd, 2022  
This is great - all three of us play violin, though I am only a beginner on that one, unlike my boys. I am a pianist and singer with guitars and other things thrown in for good measure lol. So pleased Dave did not test positive, phew! Hope you are back to "normal" soon.
Smiled when I saw it was Crowcombe. One of my oldest and dearest friends does the flowers on Crowcombe Heathfield steam train station.
June 23rd, 2022  
@taffy oh it's a serious business, folk music! 😀
June 23rd, 2022  
@casablanca that's brilliant, it's a really wonderful thing being able to play music (not that I'm very good, but that's not important). I've been on the steam train (from Stogumber to Watchet and back) last time I was here, it's fab!
June 23rd, 2022  
Great looking room and window.
June 23rd, 2022  
So very interesting. I love your 3 good things. Fantastic shot of these musicians.
June 23rd, 2022  
Making music a fun activity
June 23rd, 2022  
I hope the attic isn’t too hot! You get such pleasure from your music….good to hear. Rock on Dave…all clear!
June 23rd, 2022  
Nice presentation
June 23rd, 2022  
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