Christmas gnomes by boxplayer

Christmas gnomes

100happydays2015 Day 58

Christmas gnome-like decorations at the Finnish Church Christmas Bazaar - a high point in the run-up to Christmas.

Decided to work from home today to grab back an hour of commuting as I needed to concentrate on some planning work. Morning was taken up however with testing the bug release that had gone through the night before so didn't really get going on what I wanted to do till almost lunchtime.

Stopped for a half-hour and ate up yesterday's leftover pasta with tuna and salad before working on till 4.30. Then headed out into the rather cold day for a change - and got the tube to Rotherhithe to see what I could pick up at the Finnish church. The usual stuff - got lots of chocolate, herring, cheese and some Christmas decorations and candles, as well as a Moomin advent calendar for M.

Had a salmon open sandwich, Karelian pasty and cinnamon bun upstairs in the cafe, then wandered out to look at the stalls in the Nordic market. Was just queueing up for some gloggi (mulled spiced drink with a shot of vodka) when someone tapped me on the shoulder - turned out to be Andrea, an old walking group chum. So we wandered the rest of the stalls and into the Norwegian church fair together.

Then said goodbye and went home where M was cooking up some pasta with sweet potatoes for Dave. I wasn't hungry so just had myself a cup of tea and some chocolate.

Fazer chocolate

20 November 2015
Rotherhithe SE16
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