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I started reviving an old hobby over the Christmas break - electronics, looking at some DIY home improvement projects. While I did work with SMD parts back in university times, it is quite amazing what has become possible in miniaturization and integration.

Nonetheless, the problem of defects is obviously still present. This small (see below) IC briefly looked like a control light when I connected power (mind you, correctly) and started emitting smoke and a bad burnt smell shortly there after.

This is a detail about 10mm across of a miniature (36mm x 17mm x 14mm) DC-DC step-up converter intended to generate the 24V needed for an LED strip from 5V. The part shown is the active controller in charge of the conversion - at least it should be.

The photo was taken to document the failure when asking for a replacement but it came out nicely so I'm sharing it here.
Macro taken at ~4x magnification, aperture set for maximum DOF.

*) Found the dimensions of the IC's housing: 2.9×1.7×0.95 mm
Fascinating for its image and for showing the burnt part, interesting to read your narrative. But I still have no clue what I am looking at. It does remind me of my father, who was an electrical engineer and had many electronic things he worked on. Mostly related to his HO trains. But I don't recall any looking burnt :)
February 23rd, 2021  
Trains are usually built much more sturdily, so unless he did something REALLY bad none should ever catch fire ....

Just measured it - see description
February 23rd, 2021  
Your photo is good. Nice decision to go with a large depth of field.
February 23rd, 2021  
Great DOF
February 24th, 2021  
Fascinating narrative and lovely tight image. Always interesting to read "what went wrong" stories.
February 24th, 2021  
Terrific close-up, it certainly shows the problem!
February 25th, 2021  
terrific close up and capture
February 25th, 2021  
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