Olympiapark panorama by bpfoto

Olympiapark panorama

Originally I had planned to get a wide angle shot of the roof held by the big pillar right of the center but then extended the view on both sides to cover what turned out to be approx. 320°horizontally - will have to come back for a full 360° shooting at some point ... as the colors were not all that appealing I decided to go with b&w.

Panorama from 22 portrait shots @ 24mm - the original is ~25000 pixels wide.
Very cool!
April 6th, 2021  
What beautiful shape. Also really like the shadows.
April 6th, 2021  
I zoomed in to what would have been your original idea and have to say I prefer that. This makes it harder to know what to look at
April 6th, 2021  
@jgpittenger Certainly a good point - the motivation for the wider view was to show the ensemble connected by the roof construction ( https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympiadach) there was an obstruction in the part I don't show which hopefully will disappear and allow for the full view - will upload the single shot I started with ...

Found another aerial view that gives a better impression of the whole roof structure: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frei_Otto#/media/Datei:Munich_-_Olympiapark_3.jpg
April 6th, 2021  
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