“Home” by brett101


Anyone who is not an alumni of Weatherly High School will view this photo as just another photograph but to those special who I had the pleasure of growing up with in our little town this means a great deal. Whenever I am visiting in the area I feel compelled – almost drawn – to my home town of Weatherly, Pa and I always take full advantage of my time in town. I spent eighteen years of my life growing up here and I wouldn’t trade even a minute of it.

While driving town today looking for photos I realized how very much this little town meant to me. A song came on while I was stopped here for this photo – ‘The Kids from Yesterday’ by My Chemical Romance – and listening to the words I had a little artistic epiphany. In June, I plan to devote the entire month of photos which tell the story of my little town. I am looking forward to spending a full weekend and committing my efforts to 30 photographs to tell a story of Weatherly, Pennsylvania; sounds a little clichéd perhaps but I was honestly moved to tell a story in pictures and words about my little town. [20 Apr 2018]

“Well now this could be the last of all the rides we take
So hold on tight and don't look back
We don't care about the message or the rules they make
We'll find you when the sun goes black

And you only live forever in the lights you make
When we were young we used to say
That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break
Now we are the kids from yesterday”
~ Lyrics, ‘The Kids from Yesterday’, My Chemical Romance
It's grand to have memories of significant places and it's lovely to see a place through the eyes of someone to whom it is special
May 1st, 2018  
Love your POV! Fav.
May 2nd, 2018  
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