365th Blip..... by brickmaker

365th Blip.....

365, one year on, not a day missed, and what have I found or learned?

Quite a lot really, I have found a community which is caring, funny, compassionate and sometimes sad.
I have found friends I never see or talk to in the flesh, but I still know their inner most feelings and thoughts.
I have found folk that go out of their way to teach techniques of Photography and Photoshop, when they don't have to, even when it means their styles of blips are copied.

What a cracking site this is, I have made so many friends; I have also inadvertently upset folks for which I apologise. I keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues when I am away from home.
My wife has learnt that lenses cost a lot of money, and I promises not to buy any more.

To Joe and Blip Central I thank you once again for this site, to all the guys and gals that visit my journal again many thanks and keep returning, even when I am lacking in comments my self.

So what have we here? Yet another Brick Blip, yes, 365 is Stamped into a brick and a Gold Camera again made from brick; yes it is a brick I assure you all and it?s golden too, a guy named Reg in Specials made it for me, what a clever fellow. So a big thank you to Dave and his crew again and to Reg for there hard work in making of this Blip.

I will now go and spread my Gold Camera and Red Balloon around the community, so see you all later.
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