The Three Wise Men.... by brickmaker

The Three Wise Men....

While Mrs BM was getting over last night and all those sheep, the Inn Keeper was checking on the stable and the Lady and her husband Joseph, they were making them selves very comfortable, he found.
The Inn Keeper noticed a Star in the East and moving towards the Stable, ( I know it's a Summer house but use your imagination).
The Star slowed and settled over the Garden, and then Mrs BM heard the door bell yet again, "BM the door" she cried, swigging down another Glass of sweet Sherry, "As long as it's no more animals, your fine" she said.
BM answered the door only to find a very large Pink Camel on the end of the door handle.
He also noticed Three Wise Men, Kings from the East, very small Kings as it happens.
"What do you three want"? The Inn Keeper said.
"We have come to see the Baby, a little angel came down from heaven and told us to travel to Brierley Hill Bethlehem and
worship him with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh" the one named Balthasar said.

"Caspar, Melchior, and myself have traveled a very long and dangerous way through the streets of Brierley Hill,
and we need to see the baby" said Balthasar.

"Your too early, again, can you never get the right day", said the Inn Keeper.

"We do need to check" said the Wise man and at that they all rushed through the door with their Camels, BM was unable to stop them, Mrs BM was distraught and if not for the copious amounts of Sweet Sherry she would have freaked out completely.

"At least they didn't leave many deposits on the floor this year", BM said, Mrs BM took another drink and hiccuped loudly.

Once in the Garden they had a peek in the Stable and realised the Inn Keeper was right, they were early again.

"Look, you will have to come back later", said the Inn Keeper.

They mounted up and rode off into the distance.

BM thought, how did they ever find three wise men in the Black Country?
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