The Three Little Wise Men.... by brickmaker

The Three Little Wise Men....

And it came to pass the the Angel visited Three Kings of the East, and told them of a stable far away in a strange land called The Black Country, where all the folks spoke with a strange accent and ate all sorts of funny stuff, like Scratchings, Blood Pudding, Grorty Pudding, grey Peas and Pork Bones and Faggots.
The wise Men were shocked at the type of food they ate.
The Angel said they must Travel to Brierley Hill Bethlehem where they will come across a strange Stable that looks like a Summer house, there they will find a Lady who will give birth to The Son of God, Jesus will be his name. They must follow the star the travels in the sky and when it stops they will know they have arrived.
So off they went, on their camels, only one of the tiny Kings was on a Camel that could be identified
as a Dromedary, they other two, well, they can only be described as very Pink, with bells on.

The Inn Keeper was trying to get back in the good books of his Wife, making her tea, and doing all the house work for her, but Mrs BM The Wife, was having none of it.
"I hope you have got all that Sheep Sh*t Poo out of the kitchen and Hall" she said.
At that the door bell went again.
Oh No she said, I hope it's not those bloody Shepherds again.

No My love, BM The Inn Keeper said, I think it's three very small persons.
"Don't open the door", She cried, Too late, they were in, and through the hall and out into the Garden.

The Inn Keeper followed them out and said to them, "What do do want?"
"We have come to visit the Son of God", they said.

"Your too early, yet again, don't you remember last year?" said the Inn Keeper.

"Look, you have to return at a later date, the Lady hasn't had the baby yet!.

The wise men had a look in and could see that the Inn Keeper was telling the truth, so off they went, and they met up with some shepherds, there they waited for a sign.

All was peaceful at the Stable, but in a few hours the sound of a little baby could be heard.
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