St Botolph's Church, Boston..... by brickmaker

St Botolph's Church, Boston.....

St Botolph's Church is a parish church in Boston where we ended up today, we wanted to have a ride out so we headed of to the West and found this lovely town here in Lincolnshire.
While Mrs BM and her sisters went of window shopping, (last time she went window shopping she came back with 9 windows and two doors), I went and visited St Botolph's church, I even paid my £3:00 and went to the top of the tower, all 365 steps up and down, I thought I was going to have my first heart attack going up and my knees almost gave out coming down, but the view from the top was brilliant.
I even saw and heard the two Peregrine Falcons flying around, there were remains of dead birds on the top of the tower too, well the heads any way, that's all they left.

A quick lunch in the Moon under the water with a swift half of Bishops finger for me, and just before we headed back a quick cup of tea from McD's.

One full day left and then back home to Maddi Moo, we need to find her a nice present as she was breaking her heart over the phone today wanting to see us.
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