Homewood Bound..... by brickmaker

Homewood Bound.....

As normal the Sun came out just as we were packing to come home, Wendy decided to take in the rays before heading home.

The car was packed to the gunnels and there was not another thing that could be put in the boot, we started away dead on 9:30am and drove the 144 miles home without any incident, we stopped for a short break at the halfway stage for coffee and a sandwich, and then off again.
I managed to get my iPod working even with a dodgy lead, so we had some music on the way back too.

We haven't seen Miss Maddi yet as her Daddy has taken her to a BBQ with some cousins and she was having so much fun that she wanted to stop and play a while, I suspect she tucked up in bed now with a nice cup of Cocoa and a few biscuits.
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