Failed Air Conditioning Pump.... by brickmaker

Failed Air Conditioning Pump....

I finally got around to having a look at the problem with Stuarts Volvo, it's been burning the fan belt for weeks on and off, an intermittent fault that I couldn't pin down due to the intermittent nature.
I knuckled down and started the strip down this afternoon, I had to take off so many thing before getting to the belt, but once I got the belt off I tested the Alternator, The Steering pump and finally I got down to the AC pump, and it was practically impossible to get to. I found the clutch on the pulley knackered and all the bearing balls had disintegrated so we decided to take it off for a further inspection, luckily Stuart came along and went under the car to gain access, and within ten minutes it was sitting on the floor.
The pump had totally seized up and all the bearings were shot to pieces, so when the car called for the AC to pump and the clutch engaged then the belt would screech as the pump wouldn't turn, it was intermittent as the AC wouldn't cut in all the time. At least we found the problem.

A quick search on Ebay found the exact pump unit complete with the clutch and pulley so £62 will see it turn up on Thursday, then comes the hard part to reassemble it back together.
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