Happy New Year Blip Folk...... by brickmaker

Happy New Year Blip Folk......

I was weighing up some pellets for next weeks shooting session, and thought I've not shot the new years blip yet so why not do it with pellets.

As requested by Those nice folks at Blipfuture I have wrote Blip into my blip, in fact twice, to highlight that Blip Needs you all at this time, me must see this through to the end, we may not win but we have to give it a good try.

I have been on blipfoto for over eight years now and when I started out, after being introduced by Shy in August 2007, I have made many many friends, some i have met, some I have yet to meet, many from overseas.
If blip were to go I would miss them dearly so lets make an effort now and try to get over the finish line.
After all, where else would we find such a community as nice as this anywhere in the world?

I know folks have backed up their images in other places but are still blipping with hop, I myself have lapsed into some doldrums and now I have a few gaps, although I do have images to post for these missing dates and I will get around this year to put them up on here.

I am blessed with a lovely granddaughter whose life has been recorded on here and I will continue with it and hopefully and show her when she is grown up.

Buy first we have to be successful so lets get busy.
It pains me to see how much support is still lacking. I am beginning to wonder how many free loaders there are on board. I don't know if you have read Raheny_Eye (One Daze at a Time) 's entry on Blipfot for 1st January
January 3rd, 2016  
@ladyfindhorn I have read it, I am waiting for the end of January to see if the money starts coming in after Christmas (expensive time of year) and a new pay packet, if it doesn't pick up then your right we do have a lot of freeloaders.
January 3rd, 2016  
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