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Born 1952, Apprentice trained in engineering, worked most my life in the Brick Industry, now unemployed since September 2012 when I shut my Little Brickworks, Rudgwick.
Loves hunting, shooting and fishing along with Caravaning and Photography, all the expensive hobbies.
I live in the Black Country as the name suggests and would never leave it.

I have passed 3000 blips now so I guess I'm hooked now,
by now you should have realised that I have a wicked sense of humour, and like to play practical jokes on most people.
At home, and when I am at home, my wife has to put up with me for a few days every week, and she is very understanding, I love her lots too.

The apple of my eye is my Grand daughter Maddison Grace, I would have never guessed how fulfilling it would be to have grandchildren.

Since being on blip I have learned much about photography and Photoshop, mostly from friends here on this site.

I like to pass on any knowledge that I have gained so if I can help you please ask, if I can't I may know someone who can, feel free.

E.mail rongough@blueyonder.co.uk (home)