Fish and Chips by brigette

Fish and Chips

Happy New Year friends
I've been MIA for ages - my pho-jo got lost really lost. Time will tell if I've actually found it.
I do miss this place.
This image from a current exhibition at the art gallery - Robin White a wonderful NZ artist. I thought you would really enjoy this @kali66
I viewed this free exhibition after visiting the Frida Kahlo exhibition. (this was good - but imho I think I enjoyed the Frida "Making herself up" at the V&A a few years ago. Still I'm glad these exhibits make their way to our shores.
I 've missed you!!! happy new year to you. lucky you seeing Frida Kahlos paintings twice! and Robyn White has a very distinctive kiwi style
January 14th, 2023  
Very nice
January 14th, 2023  
Glad you’re back— love this art❤️👌
January 14th, 2023  
I love it, very clear clean shot.
January 14th, 2023  
Terrific art, and so nice to see you back! Happy New Year!
January 15th, 2023  
Welcome back, looking forward to seeing more of you ;-)
January 15th, 2023  
Hello hello hello! Welcome back with this lovely capture. Nice.
January 15th, 2023  
@kali66 very iconic images for sure. there were also some very interesting tapa cloths.. I'll post a pic
January 18th, 2023  
Fabulous artwork! I love this kind of image.
January 19th, 2023  
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