We've a new little chipmunk around

On a mat in front of our sliding door entrance to the house is the place this chippy likes to get his peanuts.
For the last three days, Hans put some peanuts along the walkway starting from the chipmunk's den, he found, then up to our deck. the chipmunk picks them up onlong the way, stashes them and comes up to our deck for more.
He finds some on our door mat in front of our our sliding door.
Hans sits real quiet in a deck chair holding a peanut in his outstretched arm/hand.
Sofar, the chippy picks up peanuts down by his foot, but not yet from his hand.
Good thing, Hans has all the patiance in the world when it comes to these cute little critters.

I like how you have taken these shots showing how small the sweet little chipmunk really is! And good focus!
posted June 20th, 2018  
He is so pretty
posted June 20th, 2018  
Cute collage, Bruni.
posted June 21st, 2018  
Ohh so cute and a lovely collage
posted June 21st, 2018  
so sweet
posted June 21st, 2018  
He is so cute!
posted June 21st, 2018  
So interesting how much storage capacity it has in its cheeks!
posted June 21st, 2018  
A very sweet collage. Fav!! 😀
posted June 21st, 2018  
How fun! A terrific collage to show off his antics
posted June 23rd, 2018  
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