One more time. by bruni

One more time.

I couldn't help myself. I know most of you have seen this picture more than once,
but I would like to share it with my new friends here on 365.

An old tradition from when we were children in Germany where St. Nicholas (St. Nikolaus in German) brings small gifts or sweets to the nice children on the night of December the sixth. naughty ones would find a piece of coal in their shoe or boot. So you can imagine us kids being busy polishing our boots to put one on the windowsill in the hope of finding some candy the next morning. I can still remember the excitement although it's been decades ago.

When we came to Canada and had children of our own, we started a new tradition by making a candy house using as a calendar.. we made sure it was ready for the six of December. this tradition carried on to when we became grandparents. Britney and even little Grant loved helping gluing candies on the double sided wafers which we used making the house. All of us had so much fun.

The above picture was taken in 1992.
Britney is now married and is a mom of two children. Henry is going on three and his sister Heidi will be two coming March. Grant got married last year September to a lovely young lady by the name of Kelly.
Wonderful memories, Bruni.
In the NL naughty kids would only find a little bag of salt in their shoes...
December 26th, 2019  
Cute pic
December 27th, 2019  
What a lovely idea and nice memories.
December 27th, 2019  
How the years go by, and the traditions endure!
December 27th, 2019  
What wonderful memories. They are so cute!
December 27th, 2019  
I’m sure this brings back such happy memories.
December 27th, 2019  
Such wonderful memories Bruni. St Nicholas has also changed a bit in the meanwhile and becoming too commercial ;-)
December 27th, 2019  
We also have this custom. To this day, cleaning my shoes reminds me of St. Nicholas. Wonderful memories.
December 27th, 2019  
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