Nov 15: Magic (in a Roundabout sort of way) by bulldog

Nov 15: Magic (in a Roundabout sort of way)

Yes, you guessed it, this is the 'Magic Roundabout' in Hemel Hempstead.
My boss was not in today so I managed to get a lunch break and went for a walk round this roundabout.

Three things I have learnt today:
1. There is such a think as daylight.
2. Finding the stairs to the foot bridge next to this (over the A4146) was near to impossible.
3. It was a bit Brrrrr out there.

A more roundabout shot:
Bless the magic dad took me round that several times when I was a is still good fun to scare people to dead and turn right on it!
November 16th, 2013  
I thought at first that your shot had been flipped then realized that the roundabout actually has two way traffic!
November 16th, 2013  
It looks beautiful there. Great shot and good one for magic.
November 16th, 2013  
Would be in so much trouble in British roundabouts...wrong side of the road and all!
November 17th, 2013  
Great capture of what could so easily be mind-blowing chaos! There is one like this I dread going into Oxford and we specialise here in Essex with multi-roundabout within roundabouts which can reduce you to a quivering mass of jelly as you navigate endlessly round and round switching lanes as required . . .
November 17th, 2013  
Clever shot for magic! :D
November 18th, 2013  
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