L.G.H, Vaccination's by bybri

L.G.H, Vaccination's

It's a sign of the times, when you treat a trip to out- patients to see the physio's as a trip out. I noticed the Covid vaccination clinic on my way in, shame I couldn't just pop in.
I know what you mean. My highlight during the last lockdown was visiting the Fracture clinic.
December 15th, 2020  
@wakelys That was bad luck, hopefully you're on the mend now.
December 15th, 2020  
@bybri broken wrist now mended thank you.
December 15th, 2020  
This is certainly a sign of hope - eventually when enough people have been vaccinated we should see a much more normal life.

December 16th, 2020  
@fishers Thanks for looking
December 22nd, 2020  
I'm thankful we have a little more movement around here- but yes, running errands was never looked forward to like they are now!
January 13th, 2021  
@olivetreeann Thank you, hopefully it won't be too long, before we can start to return to normal.
January 14th, 2021  
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