Thinking Snow by byrdlip

Thinking Snow

We have had the rain and "flood". We have had the warm weather. Usual weather for this time of year.

What we have yet to have is the Fraser River outflow, but wait! Heeeerrrrrrrrreeeeee it comes.

Okay, the rest of the northern eastern country is getting hammered. You get what you paid for.

""A glance at the ensembles and the ECMWF EFI (extreme forecast index) lends enough confidence to lean toward the possibility of 2 to 4 inches of snow from Pierce County southward between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning with progressively lighter amounts from Seattle northward.""
-- Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Seattle WA
903 AM PST Tue Feb 9 2021
I always keep an eye on Cliff Mass and his blog during the winter months. He tends to be more knowledgeable than all the news outlets when it comes to snow. :) Hoping to get some snow!
February 9th, 2021  
@lisahalbert Mother nature managed to squeeze some moisture out of the air last night as there were the tell-tale white crystals on the steps this morning. Hope the lowland snow holds off until Thursday night as I have to take wife to hospital for hand surgery and they are not allowing anyone to stay and wait. So at least two drive there and back. Hope they keep the driveways clear and sanded.
February 9th, 2021  
@byrdlip Good luck! Hopefully it will hold off for you!
February 10th, 2021  
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