My Bent Nose by caddick

My Bent Nose

Tetley had a bit of a stressful time this morning getting his nails cut! Much like going to the dentist (for us), these things need to be done occasionally!
Ah I love it when they do that with their schnozzles
August 19th, 2022  
aww, sweet
August 19th, 2022  
awww far too cute
August 20th, 2022  
Awwww what a cutie!
August 20th, 2022  
@tinley23 @dutchothotmailcom @edorreandresen @phil_howcroft He seemed so worn out with the stress of having his nails cut….
August 21st, 2022  
Poor Tetley - love the name!
August 22nd, 2022  
August 23rd, 2022  
Hi Mike where do you get your whippets from , we are looking to rescue another whippet and there aren't many up for adoption . Cheers Phil
September 9th, 2022  
He looks a sweetie, my daughter had a rescue greyhound -cross called Paris, she was lovely natured but didn’t like other dogs!
September 9th, 2022  
@phil_howcroft Sorry only just seen this message!! I have not been watching 365 recently and can see the beautiful Elsie has already found her forever home with you!
Can’t wait for our new arrival to join us at the beginning of November…Tinker is so lonely. Whippets should Always Come in Pairs!
October 10th, 2022  
@craftymeg We were blessed with Tetley who went far too soon. The kindest hound we have ever shared our time together with, and missed especially by his best mate.
October 10th, 2022  
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