i am on the crack...berry by cakebaker

i am on the crack...berry

i was worried that i would do this project and it would be nothing but pictures of bean...now i'm worried it's going to be this. i know it's because i'm setting it up and getting used to it since it is my first 'smartphone' but i feel like i haven't put it down since i got it. the jury is out on whether that is a good or bad thing.
Do you like it? I 'm debating getting one. Not sure if I need it but I'm thinking it might help me keep organized? That's what I'm thinking....I am desiring it for the calendar and the itunes as much as the phone/email. Whatcha think?
August 13th, 2010  
i am enjoying it, slightly addicting but has the option for ultimate organzing. you can sync it with your email, calendars etc....i am still setting mine up and the bbm is totally fun.
August 13th, 2010  
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