My Three Sons by carlasmith1990

My Three Sons

This picture requires much explanation.

Last spring I looked around for a TV series to watch since all the regular shows and the Pacers were finished for the season. I happened upon My Three Sons, an old show that I never watched.

So, everyday I record the show since it’s on when I am at school. Then, I watch it when I have time.

Since I had today off from school, I was able to watch it during its 7:00 AM time slot. I also got caught up on several episodes that I recorded last week and didn’t have time to watch yet.

Some shows are silly, but a few shows have me laughing so much. In one episode, Steve got his tie caught in the car door that locked and he had laryngitis and could not yell for help and he kept hanging onto the two bags of groceries!

Anyway, I needed a good laugh! It’s back to school tomorrow! I’m anxious as I need a good day!
Brings back memories. I watched this as a child. I'm glad you are enjoying it.
January 20th, 2020  
We loved this show and looked forward to watching it every week. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

I can't wait for Spring too!
January 21st, 2020  
I immediately began humming the song! Brought it all back!
January 21st, 2020  
Poor Steve. But I'm sure he made some people laugh while he was stuck like that. I think it's a women's world on tv because the only things I see interesting on tv are football and a very rare good film.
January 21st, 2020  
Lol I started humming the song!! Great picture that brought back a ton of memories from my young days
January 21st, 2020  
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