Left overs by catsmeowb

Left overs

Our woodshed, with old wood left from last year, which will be moved up front and redistributed. Chose this scene because it will change during the month - or, at least, it should, if we do what we are supposed to do. Let's see what happens.
We have a log fire in Spain, I love it! That is a least a good thing about winter - log fires. Will be interesting to see this reduce in size
September 3rd, 2012  
i should coung all the pieces and see how many will be there next week. yeah, good luck to me. this looks like our backyard when we were small children! nice one!
September 4th, 2012  
@claireuk oh no! this shed is going to get filled! don't know that it will be done by the end of the month - as they say - the best of plans don't always work out, but malcolm has quite the pile of wood all split and ready to be stacked in there. we will move that old stuff and then put the new wood in the back. we are making a new back entrance with a removable gate.
September 4th, 2012  
@summerfield LOL- we measured it out so it would hold enough wood for the whole winter and have some left over. amy is funny, she likes to sit in there during the summer because of the roof and stay out of the sun. malcolm refuses to put a solid floor in it for her. he says it is a woodshed, not a cabana, and the pallets allow air to circulate so the wood dries. she wants her chair to sit straight. i sit back and listen to them snipe while i enjoy the sun and think to myself, she will be single forever.
September 4th, 2012  
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