Ready to be stacked by catsmeowb

Ready to be stacked

So I learned how to run the wood splitter Saturday morning and don't I feel like a powerhouse. I split all this wood. Malcolm already had it cut to length; while I was doing the splitting, he was cutting other wood and when I was done, we hauled this pile up in front of the shed just as it started to rain. LOVE having equipment. I rode up on the back of the tractor which was carrying this load in the bucket that had an old tailgate attached to it to make it bigger. Malcolm is creative. We had hoped to get more done, like actually stacking the wood inside the shed, but gave ourselves a break when the rain and wind picked up. Actually, took the rest of the weekend off and just messed around until Sunday night when we HAD to go to the grocery store.
I do firewood, so I know the work it takes. I don't have a splitter, but it would be fun, and a great workout. Can't wait for that smell wafting in the air.
September 10th, 2012  
we can already smell our neighbor's fire and it is a comforting smell somehow, the whole routine of living. he has a smaller stove then we do and it is the only heating source he has. we used to have a small propane wall furnace but replaced it this summer with a solar panel. it only runs when the sun is out, does not store energy, so the down side to it is we can't turn it on when we want to like we could with the other one. however, it only costs $5 a year to run the fan and once we light the woodstove in oct., it does not go out until april or may, depending on the year. the solar panel does not turn on until around 9 AM after the sun has been on it for awhile. it is a matter of adjusting to the different system. it will be an interesting fall - so far, so good.
September 10th, 2012  
Looks lovely. I can almost smell it from here. The tiniest things set off our memory! Cool picture.
September 10th, 2012  
@netkonnexion yes, they do. thank you. i was so happy to be able to contribute as much as i did this year. usually i stack but don't get to help at this end of the line. it was empowering for me even though all i was doing was pushing a lever - well, i did have to put the logs onto the splitter, and some were good size.
September 10th, 2012  
Oh so jealous of all that wood, we have a log burner in Spain, love the smell of it. You did a grand job of splitiing it
September 10th, 2012  
you are a lady of many talents
September 11th, 2012  
you did all this? with a splitter? and you didn't hurt yourself? there's a i can't help laughing. and my breakfast is all over the table. @sarasdadandmom it's just that everytime i see wood like this and hear or read the word splitter....i'm very sorry, i must stop. no offense to anyone.
September 13th, 2012  
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