Running On Rubber Bands by catsmeowb

Running On Rubber Bands

My first car, an Opal Manta
red as ambition and loud like you.
Test driving, it must have been an awful
car, but you fixed it, buffed it, made it
work in that "it just needs a" way
that only you can. I was so proud,
so free, the world opened the moment
I sat in the driver seat. All that driving since
then, who would have known we would all
end up just a few miles down the road?
( From Poem for Malcolm on his Wedding Day by Jason DiGiulio)

Jason in his first car. We used to joke that it ran on rubber bands.

Malcolm had a big impact on the us over the years. He showed us that we are ruled only by what we allow oursevled to be ruled by, not by what others think of us. He reminded us, through his actions, that we did not have to change our behavior due to someone else's behavior or attitude. Malcolm just goes about his business and keeps on putting stuff together - with some glue, some rubber bands and some spit. A family tradition we are so very used to.
Great tradition! It is so much more satisfying to know you can fix something yourself. Car repair is so costly. The cars cost a lot already but the repairs and maintenance is crazy expensive. I'd say Malcolm is a wise man. Bring on the rubber bands!
November 15th, 2012  
Great photo. I love your poem. Your poems and quotes are always so inspiring.
November 15th, 2012  
See that's what I mean Camille. picture and poems, quotes or a bit of your history..yours and Malcome's.. nice car for Jason..I love when a man is handy..we're both furtunate to have a loving and caring "handy" man.
November 15th, 2012  
too cool,
November 16th, 2012  
@dmortega when jason read this poem at our wedding, almost everyone there cried. he has an mfa in poetry so i don't know why we were surprised. it is only a small portion of it. josh and justin are both great mechanics.
November 16th, 2012  
@henrir your comment touches me deeply. thank you very much. jason and i started college the same year and graduated a week apart with the same degrees, same awards. when i met malcolm, i did not have a high school diploma. we traveled a long road .
November 16th, 2012  
@bruni malcolm did not like that car at all but i did - i had one just ike it, same color but mine was a kadet. so he agreed it was the perfect car for jason. we are such lucky women, aren't we. but the thing is, Bruni, is that we appreciate our lives. so many people go through their days full of discontent and that makes all the difference. appreciation, contententment - the key to happiness. hope you feel better every second of every day.
November 16th, 2012  
spit? :-) heavens, i remember my mother and teachers using spit to paste paper together. of course, they don't stick but just the same they did it. what processing did you use to get this very vintage effect? i like it!
November 19th, 2012  
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