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Pretty much what you see is what I am; a woman who takes a whole lot of photographs of her family, her pets, her life in the state of Vermont in the United States. I am happily married, have three sons and six grandchildren. As a child, my father handed me a Brownie box camera as we would head off on our summer vacations with strict instructions to not take photos of people because it "was rude" - but I could take photos of anything else so I could have memories of where we had traveled. As an adult, I had my own darkroom in my bathroom and developed my photos - almost all of them where of my children and pets. The first time I ever worked with color photography was when I began this project and I was very intimidated. I use my histogram for much of my editing as I do not see reds and greens correctly but most of the time, I think I do! Off to the next photograph and adventure - here at 365, there is always something new to learn.