112 days with no human touch... by cgarner

112 days with no human touch...

How is everyone hanging in around the world in the new life we find ourselves in with Coronavirus? Here in the UK we've been in lockdown since March... it's been 112 days since I had a hug or held someone's hand, it's a long time to go without any physical contact.

BUT GOOD NEWS! Last week the government announced that single person households could bubble with another household. My housemate has moved out to be with his partner and it means that tomorrow my partner is joining my bubble and we will be able to be back together (finally!), I cannot wait!

I've been wanting to take a photo to remember this moment for the six word story for a while and with maybe this part of my life starting to draw to a close, today seemed like a good time to.
Very cool shot. Here in the South, USA, we are out and about, but the virus is increasing. I'm afraid we did not stay "bubbled" and may be seeing the outcome in a not-so-good way. Stay safe!!
June 20th, 2020  
NZ here...going well but have family (brother) and close friends in the UK so yeah, bit rough for you guys to say the least...
This is fab shot too, very well done
June 20th, 2020  
Excellent composite work and illustration of your feelings. The sense of loss in human touch is poignantly portrayed by your hands. Our area in the US is proceeding with caution.
June 20th, 2020  
wonderful work, glad for you
June 21st, 2020  
we've been in effective lockdown more or less since mid-March as well... things are starting to open up a bit, but very slowly... a good thing of course (the slow pace), but it is all rather unnerving...

glad to see that you feel there may be some light at the end of the tunnel... hopefully your partner is now back with you and are feeling a bit more connected to the human world!

thank you for the challenge you set me... i will see what i can do... for your challenge, i think you posted at one point about pulling out of get pushed because you were short on time, but then you deleted that comment so just in case you still feel like you're juggling too much i thought i'd give you a couple options which might not take up too much time...

the first is a surreal portrait (could be a self portrait, or perhaps a portrait of your partner)... the other is a worm's eye view...

hopefully one of those will work for you...
June 21st, 2020  
Love this!! What a good capture of the times we are living in.
June 22nd, 2020  
@northy Hi Northy, thanks so much for the challenge and you're right, I did post requesting to take a break from the get pushed challenge as I don't feel like I've done it justice the last couple of weeks, but then spent a few hours doing some photography and got my mojo back a little bit so deleted my comment! The get pushed challenge helps me think creatively and even if it's just a phone snap it's still pushing me to think about things differently.

Thanks so much for your challenge this week - I was just in the park when I read your challenge and took one straight away for today! I might try another one later in the week. (My partner hates being in front of the camera, I have very few photos of him... maybe I'll be able to persuade him for a surreal photo!).
June 22nd, 2020  
July 4th, 2020  
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