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I've not been the most consistent 365er due to ill health and the quality of my photography is suffering because of it, but bear with me and I'll be back to full creativity soon I hope. I'm so inspired by all the talented photographers here and the wonderful community.

Long term I'm hoping 365 will encourage me to pick up my camera everyday and keep learning all about this wonderful hobby. Any words of wisdom of advice would be gratefully received so drop me a comment.

You can follow my facebook page here, https://www.facebook.com/charlottegarnerphotography
And my photos that have made the popular page here http://365project.org/tags/cgarnerpp
My previous get pushed challenges
- Take a photo of a farm animal
- Take a reflection photo where the reflection forms all/the majority of the image
- Take a high key portrait
- Photograph patterns - extra points for patterns in nature
- To look through my partner's fav's and recreate one as identically as possible
- To photograph a creative selfie with a story, thinking about the whole set up, clothes, light, location etc.
- Panning
- To photograph hands
- Self portrait with the theme 'light play' including a mystery object
- Light writing
- Photograph a toy in a real life context
- Take a photo that represents my college subject
- Take a multiply selfie with 50 of myself in! (That was a toughie - I only managed 12 of me)