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I started my 365 journey back in 2012 hoping that 365 would encourage me to pick up my camera every day and keep learning! Well it's 8 years later and I still havent reached 365 photos but I'm back!

I learnt almost everything I know about photography from this site, I didn't understand ISO and aperture and shutter speed or really any of the basics when I turned up here and in less than a year, you pushed me to learn something new every day and my technical understanding and creativity started to really take off - so thank you all for teaching me so much and to a wonderful community.

Well things are a little different now, I shoot weddings and portraiture professionally, I'm back here to have a space to explore photography away from my business, to learn new things and shoot for me. It's lovely to have a space to share my work which is different or try new editing styles (or finally get to grips with photoshop!). And I've always found picking up you camera regularly is the best way to progress, even if it's just encouraging you to think about things from another angle.

I'm based in Oxford UK so if anyone is local and would like to meet to go shooting, please let me know! You can see more of my portraiture, wedding and business branding work here - https://www.amethystphotos.com, and if you want to connect on instagram you'll find me here - https://www.instagram.com/amethystphotographyuk

My previous get pushed challenges include (From WAY back in the day!)
- Take a photo of a farm animal
- Take a reflection photo where the reflection forms all/the majority of the image
- Take a high key portrait
- Photograph patterns - extra points for patterns in nature
- To look through my partner's fav's and recreate one as identically as possible
- To photograph a creative selfie with a story, thinking about the whole set up, clothes, light, location etc.
- Panning
- To photograph hands
- Self portrait with the theme 'light play' including a mystery object
- Light writing
- Photograph a toy in a real life context
- Take a photo that represents my college subject
- Take a multiply selfie with 50 of myself in! (That was a toughie - I only managed 12 of me)

(And from recently in 2020)
- take a humorous photo, bonus points for no people or animals!
- take a photo with a 5 second exposure
- take a photo with an interesting frame