Huge Doves on Valentine's Day by cheriseinsocal

Huge Doves on Valentine's Day

Today I stopped by with my best friend to the San Antonio Winery in Ontario, CA to grab a Geocache. We did not have time to go in to do any wine tasting but we did stop to enjoy the many animals on the property. There was a large fenced off area for all sorts of birds and these particular doves were HUGE; I'm talking almost the size of a chicken! There were "normal" sized doves, peacocks, peahens, albino peacocks, chickens, roosters, sheep, baby deer and llamas roaming the area. Who knows what other critters may have been around that we missed! It was difficult to shoot the birds as they were behind two fences plus chicken wire, so this is the clearest shot I had. I love how these two almost look as if it is one bird checking itself out in a mirror. Happy Valentine's Day.
It's like its seeing a puffed up version of itself.
February 17th, 2010  
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