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never ends... Two more exams to go before the new year begins. She has plenty of time left, and the material is not to hard, but because of covid everything was postponed. Her faculty did not respond well to new conditions. They just waited for lockdown to end and spoilled my daughters summer... I guess we all have to accept new conditions, although some might give a bit more effort. I would expect faculties to be more ready in dealling with new challenges. Actually, they should be leaders in acceptance of new things.
Very nice. I agree with your comments on the schools. Except that here, I was reminded the other day, schools didn't know what the ultimate plan would be. It kept changing.
September 5th, 2020  
@randystreat you are right. It was (stil is) hard for everyone. Some adjusted easily others did not. I am just a bit disapointed that my kids faculty did not even try...
September 6th, 2020  
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