B&W by chris17


I have edited this in PS. Just wanted to see what it would look like in b&w. if you have time could you offer some thoughts. Don't mind criticism at all. I would like to try more b&w work but don't really know where to start.
no bird, no flower, no leaf, no sky and no water should ever suffer grey on grey treatment.
August 13th, 2013  
What a lovely bird.

I find b&w works well for portraits. I also think animals like Zebra come out well in black and white. Sometimes, if I have messed up the focus I find I can get more definition converting the image to black and white. Ultimately it is your own personal choice. If you like your photo in b&w then go for it. Enjoy learning :-)
August 13th, 2013  
@bobfoto I can see where you are coming from, but sometimes I can get too hung up on the colour. The b&w exhibition I have just been to really made me focus on the use of light and shade. It drew my eye to texture and shape.
August 13th, 2013  
@zambianlass thanks for your comment
August 13th, 2013  
@chris17 - then I would look at your croption. I think bnw can look ok for birds if and when there is good contrast between subject and background. I think this shot is too busy but the overblown highlights in the background are too extreme, and add to the busyness. My suggestion would be perhaps cropping the shot to push the bird larger and off to one side. This would bring the leaves into the background and remove some of the glaring background. You could then crank up the contrast and maybe this would give for some more drama???
August 13th, 2013  
@bobfoto thank you for your suggestions. I had already though that the water behind the bird was over exposed and I could try more editing. I will try your suggestions tomorrow.
August 13th, 2013  
@chris17 - I would be interested to see how you go.
August 14th, 2013  
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