2021-01-10 Stag Do by cityhillsandsea

2021-01-10 Stag Do

This is Kasuga shrine in Totsuka ward, Yokohama - it's apparently the only shrine in the whole prefecture modeled after the Kasuga shrine in Nara, which you may know as being famous for its friendly deer. These ladies and gents were a bit too friendly - it was quite hard getting a picture of them without them trying to eat my phone...
Sweetly captured - enjoyed the narrative ♥
January 10th, 2021  
look like they are sun worshippers
January 10th, 2021  
@linnypinny Thanks! @kali66 Nah, they're just trying to figure out how to distract me so they can eat my phone.
January 11th, 2021  
Ah, yes. the we-eat-anything- deer from Nara. And it seems that people feed them as well in Yokohama as they do in Nara.
January 13th, 2021  
@cityhillsandsea ha! I wonder if that deer was served at a table?
January 14th, 2021  
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