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My name’s the three things I’m most captivated by, but I’m powered by inquisitiveness so I find pretty much everything interesting.

I am probably the only person in the history of time and space to have visited every station in Japan named 'Fuji'~something or something~'Fuji'. It only took fifteen years.

Visiting all the stations with Musashi in the name was a lot easier.

Even easier was visiting all the Enoden Railway stations - I’m currently posting on Fridays about my trips to those at my blog : https://www.cityhillsandsea.com

I often throw a different daily pic up there just for variation... or if I can’t decide what I like the best. :D

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Occasionally I pop up on Twitter : cityhillsandsea or : https://twitter.com/cityhillsandsea

From Northern Ireland, in West Yorkshire, via Japan.